When the Press Fails

http://s2.macrolibrarsi.it/data/cop/big/w/when-the-press-fails_41341.jpg?1303462034A sobering look at the intimate relationship between political power and the news media, When the Press Fails argues the dependence of reporters on official sources disastrously thwarts coverage of dissenting voices from outside the Beltway.

The result is both an indictment of official spin and an urgent call to action that questions why the mainstream press failed to challenge the Bush administration's arguments for an invasion of Iraq or to illuminate administration policies underlying the Abu Ghraib controversy.

Drawing on revealing interviews with Washington insiders and analysis of content from major news outlets, the authors illustrate the media's unilateral surrender to White House spin whenever oppositional voices elsewhere in government fall silent.

Contrasting these grave failures with the refreshingly critical reporting on Hurricane Katrina a rare event that caught officials off guard, enabling journalists to enter a no-spin zone When the Press Fails concludes by proposing new practices to reduce reporters' dependence on power.

"The hand-in-glove relationship of the U.S. media with the White House is mercilessly exposed in this determined and disheartening study that repeatedly reveals how the press has toed the official line at those moments when its independence was most needed."

George Pendle, Financial Times

"Bennett, Lawrence, and Livingston are indisputably right about the news media's dereliction in covering the administration's campaign to take the nation to war against Iraq."

Don Wycliff, Chicago Tribune

"analysis of the weaknesses of Washington journalism deserves close attention."

Russell Baker, New York Review of Books

Lance Bennett insegna Scienze Politiche all’Università di Washington, dove dirige il CCCE - Center for Communication and Civic Engagement (www.engagedcitizen.org).

Il Centro si occupa di ricerca e di iniziative politiche che promuovono la qualità dell’impegno del cittadino nella vita sociale e negli affari pubblici ed esplora le modalità con cui le tecnologie della comunicazione possono colmare il vuoto che separa i cittadini (soprattutto quelli più giovani) dalla vita politica. La ricerca di Bennett è rivolta inoltre all’analisi di come le relazioni tra stampa e governo condizionino la qualità dell’informazione pubblica, l’educazione civica, la cultura politica.

Questi e molti altri aspetti del panorama della comunicazione hanno condotto Lance Bennett a esplorare sempre più a fondo i cambiamenti sostanziali avvenuti nella natura della cittadinanza. Tra i suoi libri: Taken by Storm: The Media, Public Opinion, and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Gulf War (Chicago); Democracy and the Marketplace of Ideas (Cambridge); Mediated Politics: Communication in the Future of Democracy (Cambridge) and News: The Politics of Illusion (Longman).

When the Press Fails
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