" The Big Book of NLP Techniques" by Shlomo Vaknin

http://s2.macrolibrarsi.it/data/cop/big/t/the-big-book-of-nlp-techniques_34089.jpg?1293097587"NLP is all about learning how to think of things differently; particularly negative things that drag you down. Buy this book and you own THE sourcebook on how to think differently and change yourself and others effortlessly with NLP. It is now the most useful book in my practice and I give it to all my students."

Isaac Gozlan, NLP, Trainer

"This book is well written and it serves the need of NLP practitioners and students to have a complete practical sourcebook of techniques to work with"

Rasa Galatiltyte, NLP Trainer, Vilinus

"Reading any other NLP book, you would get perhaps 10 or 15 techniques; there's a very high chance that some or all of these will be repeated in the next book you buy... The Swish pattern, for example, is mentioned in almost every NLP book I read. The Big Book of NLP, however, teaches you 215 techniques! There is no fluff, no fiction, no space fillers - only pure practical guidelines. Get this book, it's the last one you'll need to buy."

Stephan Thieme, author of Persuasion Mastery

"This is by far the most practical manual on neuro linguistic program- ming. It lists hundreds of patterns, methods and advanced concepts. It is definitely the book we were all waiting for, and after 35 years of NLP, it is really about time"

Nathaniel J. Varna, NLP Master Prac., Milano

"Shlomo is giving us exactly what we asked for - all the good stuff, without the fluff. I can curiously predict, that this outstanding work is going to be an essential, perhaps even mandatory, textbook in any NLP training around the globe. All my students, in the past, present and fu- ture, are going to have to get their hands on The Big Book of NLP Techniques"

Deborah Eizenstein, NLP Trainer and Researcher, Tel-Aviv


NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communications to emerge since the '60s. --Science Digest

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