" Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin" by Richard Cole

http://s2.macrolibrarsi.it/data/cop/big/s/stairway-to-heaven-led-zeppelin_37609.jpg?1290500317Cole, tour manager to maestros of metal music Led Zeppelin throughout the band's 12-year existence, collaborates with Trubo, a syndicated journalist, on this sordid tell-all.

Alcohol, cocaine and heroin abuse, shameless groupies and perverse pranks figure largely in the saga.

Cole boasts of his and the band's phenomenal appetites for liquor, drugs and sex while denouncing those who say Led Zeppelin harmed the international legions of teenage girls who routinely sought rock-star notches in their bedposts.

He clearly enjoyed the company of drummer John Bonham, who died of alcohol-related causes in 1980; many trashy tales of "Bonzo's" booze-soaked shenanigans appear here. Conversely, guitar virtuoso Jimmy Page, who never confided details of his occult interests, remains an enigma.

Vocalist Robert Plant is generally portrayed as hostile and arrogant, and bassist John Paul Jones receives the least mention, perhaps due to his down-to-earth, less excessive behavior.

Fans who don't mind a roadie's braggadocio and sexism will find many an explicit anecdote in these pages.

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin

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