Come Scrivere Una Lettera Commerciale In Inglese una lettera commerciale in inglese utilizzando le espressioni corrette e la struttura  più adeguata è molto importante. In questo articolo potete trovare delle espressioni già pronte e dei consigli sulla struttura che la vostra lettera dovrebbe avere.

Letter writing conventions

1) Beginning writing conventions

  • Dear Sir/Madam
  • Dear Ms Johnson
  • Dear David

2) Reason for writing

  • I am writing to apologize for / enquire about / thank you for…
  • I am writing in answer to your letter / enquiry about…
  • I was given your name by …, who suggested you might be able to help us to…

3) The background

  • As you may know, … is an … based in…
  • As you will recall, three weeks ago we…
  • Recently, we …

4) The result

  • As a result of this, we have had to…
  • Consequently, we would like to…
  • The result of this is that…

5) The next step

  • What I propose is that…
  • In order to resolve this matter, I suggest that ….
  • We would appreciate it if you could…
  • We would be grateful if you could now…

6) Further communication

  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the above.
  • I look forward to hearing from you / receiving…

7) Signing off

  • Thank you again for your custom / interest / understanding.
  • Once again, my apologies for the delay / misunderstanding / error.
  • I hope you find this solution satisfactory.

8 ) Ending

  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours sincerely
  • Kind regards

Altri consigli e frasi pronte per scrivere correttamente la vostra lettere in inglese.

Letter writing for BEC Higher


Letters of enquiry


Tell your supplier what sort of firm you are:

We are a cooperative wholesale society based in …. Our company is a subsidiary of …. and we specialize in …..are one of the main producers of …… in Poland, and we are interested in …..


How did you hear about them:

We were given your name by …. You were recommended to us by We were advised by ….. that your were interested in supplying The British Embassy in …. told us that you were looking for an agent in ….. to represent you


Asking for catalogues, price-lists etc:

Could you please send your current catalogue and price-list for exhibition stands?

Would you let us have for brochure for holidays is …. and supply details of any discounts?

I would appreciate your sending me an up-to-date list for your …..materials We have heard about your latest equipment in laser surgery and would like more details. Please send us any information you can supply.


Asking for details:

I am replying to your advertisement in the June edition of …….. I would like to know more about the ….. which you offered at cost price. Could you please give me more information about ….. I would appreciate more details about …… which you advertised in …..


Asking for samples, patterns, demonstrations:

When replying could you enclose a pattern card? We would also appreciate it if you could send some samples of the material so that we can examine the texture and quality I would like to discuss the problem of maintenance before deciding which model to install in my factory. I would be grateful if you could arrange for one of your representatives to call on me within the nest 3 weeks.


Suggesting terms and methods of payment, discounts:

We usually deal on a 30% trade discount base with an additional quantity discount for orders over….. units. As a rule our suppliers allow us to settle by monthly statement and we can offer the usual references if necessary Could you let us know if you allow cash or trade discounts? We intend to place a substantial order and would therefore like to know what quantity discounts you allow.


Asking for goods on approval or on sale or return:

We would only consider placing an order provided it was on the usual basis of sale or return. If this is acceptable we will send you our official order. Would it be possible for you to supply us with a range on the approval basis? Three months would probably be enough to establish a market if there is one.



Thank you for your attention. We hope to hear from you in the near future. We would be grateful for an early reply. If the concessions we have asked for could be met we would place a substantial order. Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turn over. We would therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates. If the product is satisfactory, we will place further orders in the future. If the prices quoted are competitive, and the quality up to standard, we will order on a regular basis. Provided you can offer favourable quotations and guarantee delivery within 4 weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.


Replies and quotations

Replying to letters of enquiry:


Thank you for your enquiry of June 10th 2007 in which you asked about …. I would like to thank you for your enquiry of …. And am pleased to tell you that we would be able to supply you with the ….. We were pleased to hear from your letter of …… that you were impressed with our selection of ….. Thank you for your letter which we received this morning.


Confirming that you can help:

Our factory would have no problem in turning out the …. units you asked for in your enquiry.

We can supply from stock and will have no trouble in meeting your delivery date.

I am pleased to say that we will be able to deliver the transport facilities you require. We can offer door-to-door delivery service.


Selling your product:

Once you have seen …. in operation we know you will be impressed by its trouble-free performance. We can assure you that the ….. is one of the most outstanding machines on the market today, and our confidence is supported be out 5-year guarantee.


Referring the customer elsewhere:

I regret to say that we no longer produce the type of …. You refer to since we find there is no longer sufficient demand for it. I am sorry we cannot be of help to you. We no longer manufacture ….. as their retail price tend only to attract the upper end of the market. If you are still set on …. we advise you to contact …… I confirm that the product is ours, but since we are only able to deal with wholesalers, not retailers, may I refer you to …….?


Catalogues, price-lists, prospectuses, samples:

Please find enclosed our current catalogue and price-list. The units you quoted are on page…. under catalogue numbers …. When ordering could you please quote these numbers? The samples you asked for will follow by separate post. ……and we have enclosed our price-list, but should point out that prices are subject to change as the market for raw materials is very unstable at present.



Once again we would like to thank you for writing to us and would welcome any further points you would like us to answer. Please write to us again if you have any questions, or call us at the above telephone number. I am sorry we do not have the model you asked for, but I can promise you that the alternative I have suggested will certainly meet your expectations, and remember we offer a full guarantee for 3 years. We hope to hear from you again, soon, and can assure you that your order will be dealt with promptly.




The net price is …, to which must be added VAT at 17,5%, making a gross price of …..

We can quote you a gross price, inclusive of delivery charges, of ….. per 100 items. These goods are exempt from VAT. The prices quoted above are provisional, since we may be compelled by increased costs of raw materials to increase our prices to customers. I will inform you immediately if it happens. We can offer you a price of ….., firm 21 days, after which the price will be subject to an increase of 5%. We can quote you a price of ……., though I regret that, because of fluctuating exchange rates, we can only hold this price for 4 weeks from today’s date.



We allow 3& discount for payment within one month. We do not normally give discounts to private customers but because of your long association with our company we will allow you 20% off the retail price.


Quoting delivery:

We are sure that the consignment will reach you well within the time you specified. We have the materials in stock and will ship them immediately we receive your order.

As there is a heavy demand at this time of year, you will have to allow at least 6 weeks for delivery. We could not deliver within 2 weeks of receipt of order, as we would need time to prepare the material. However, if you could let us have a month, we could guarantee delivery within that period.



Placing an order – opening:

Please find enclosed our order no…….

The enclosed order (no…..) is for…..

Thank you for your reply of 14 May regarding the CDs we wrote to you about. Enclosed you will find out official order for …



As agreed you will draw on us at 30 days, documents against acceptance, with the documents being sent to our bank at….

We would like to confirm that payment is to be made by irrevocable letter of credit which we have already applied to the bank for.

Once we have received your advice, we will send a banker’s draft to …..



We would like to thank you for the 30% trade discount and 10% quantity discount you allowed

Finally, we would like to say that the 25% trade discount is quite satisfactory.

….. and we will certainly take advantage of the cash discounts you offered for prompt settlement.

Although the rather low trade discount of 15% disappointed us, we will place an order and hope that this allowance can be reviewed at some time in the near future.



It is essential that the goods are delivered before the beginning of November in time for the Christmas rush.

Delivery before February is a firm condition of this order, and we reserve the right to refuse goods delivered after that time.

Please confirm that you can complete the work before the end of March, as the opening of the supermarket is planned for the beginning of April.


Methods of delivery

…and please remember that only air freight will ensure prompt delivery.

We advise delivery by road to avoid constant handling of this fragile consignment.



We hope that this will be the first of many orders we will be placing with you.

We will submit further order, if this one is completed to our satisfaction.

If the goods sell as well as we hope, we shall send further orders in the near future.

I look forward to receiving your advice/shipment/acknowledgement/confirmation.


Delays in delivery

I was surprised and sorry to hear that your consignment had not reached you . On enquiry I found that it had been delayed by a local dispute on the cargo vessel…… on which it had been loaded. I am now trying to get the goods transferred to the …..I shall keep you informed.

I am writing to tell you that there will be a three-week delay in delivery

I apologize for the delay which was due to circumstances beyond our control.

We regret to inform you that there will be a hold up in getting your consignment to you.

If you wish to cancel you order you may, but I think you will find most manufacturers are experiencing the same difficulties at present.


Out of stock

We are sorry to say that we are completely out of stock of this item and it will be at least 6 weeks before we get our next delivery, but please contact us then.

We no longer manufacture this product as demand over the past few years has declined.


Bad reputation

We would only be prepared to supply on a cash basis.

I am sorry to say that we must turn down your order as we have full order books at present and cannot give a definite date for delivery.


Unfavourable terms

Delivery could not possibly be promised within the time given in your letter.

Two months must be allowed for delivery, as we ourselves have to rely on our own suppliers.

It would be uneconomical for us to offer our products at the discounts you suggested as we work on a fast turnover and low profit margins.

The discount you asked for is far more than we offer any of our customers.

We never offer quarterly terms of initial payment, even to customers who can provide references. However, we might consider this sort of credit once we have established a trading relationship.


Size of order

We are a small firm and could not possibly handle an order for ….. units.

We only supply orders for ….. by the gross, but suggest you try a …… wholesaler rather than a manufacturer.



May I remind you that your June statement is still outstanding and ask you to settle as soon as possible?



We would like to inform you

I am writing to complain about

I am writing with reference to Order no. …. which we received yesterday.


This is the 3rd time this mistake has occurred and we are far from satisfied with the service you offer.

Unless you can fulfil our orders efficiently in the future we will have to consider other sources of supply.

Please ensure that his problem does not arise again.

The mistake must be corrected as soon as possible.

There appears to be an error on the statement.

There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding terms of discount.

The mistake could not have originated here, and must be connected with the dispatch of goods.


Suggesting solutions

The best solution would be for me to return the wrong articles to you, postage and packing


Rather than send a credit note, you could send six replacements which would probably be easier than adjusting our accounts.


Replying to letters of complaints

Thank you for your letter of 5 August informing us …

We would like to thank you for informing us of our accounting error in your letter of ….

We are replying to your letter of …… in which you told us ….

While we cannot give you an explanation at present, we can promise you that we are looking into the matter and will write to you again shortly.

The mistake was due to a fault in one of our machines, which has now been corrected.

There appears to have been some confusion in our addressing system, but this has been adjusted.

It is unusual for this type of error to arise, but the problem has now been dealt with.


Rejecting a complaint

We have closely compared the articles you returned with our samples and can see no difference between them, and in this case we are not willing to either substitute the articles or offer a credit.


In closing we would like to apologize for the inconvenience, and also point out that this type of fault rarely occurs in this product.

Finally, may we say that this was an exceptional mistake and is unlikely to occur again. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the patience in this matter, and we look forward to hearing from you again.



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