Cleverbot: new generation of artificial intelligence? with artificial intelligence Cleverbot, developed by Rollo Carpenter successfully passed Turing Test and showed that it is capable of holding a conversation with the participants of the experiment so that 59% of them could not distinguish it from the human.

Turing test, invented in the 50s by Alan Turing, British computer expert, is a written conversation between computer and human. This time, in order to complicate the test, it involved people who pretended to be “chat robots”.

As Rollo Carpenter explains, algorithm of the Cleverbot is based on something like “speaking Wikipedia”. Since 1997, when Cleverbot appeared on the Internet, it has held on its website about 65 million interviews with Internet users around the world. And in the course of these conversations Cleverbot, just as people do, learned what to say in different situations with people from different social groups. All the conducted interviews replenish the computer’s database, so that the more it “talks”, the more answers to similar questions it accumulates. Accordingly, the more “human” its answers eventually become. In addition, the computer when answering tracks all phrases in the current conversation to choose the best answer.

Thus, Cleverbot continues “growing wiser” by itself, without the direct involvement in the creator. When reporters asked Cleverbot how it becomes more and more intelligent, it replied: “Actually, I do not believe that one can become more intelligent. It is possible to learn more, but you can’t become more clever“.
Autore: Anna

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