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http://www.translationdirectory.com/images_articles/karel_kosman.jpgYah, not long ago started installing WordPress here and there to automate the upload of certain text, but decided not to apply it to the travel blob cause I think a key part of the blob is the pictures, which WP does not really speed up, or actually slows down. Overall most of the work is in writing it, then proofread and then dealing with all the pics. For the past few years I've been busy putting up content, as that is important for SEO, but with some thousand pages of original content already up, think I've accomplished what I need to and recently decided to focus my attention on applying that conent to increase traffic and backlinks, which I haven't done much before.

So I have less time to add more content, but I am continuing to write for the blob, perhaps proof quickly, but I want to improve the quality (proofread more, and go back over old content, which I haven't proofed much), and will go through the upload process if I can make some money from it somehow, or if I decide I just want to.

I just hope I can start to earn more cash than I have in the past so that I can travel more and have more crazy experiences. The monetisation thing is slowly improving and would be cool to have that steady stream going so that I can focus on development and things that interest me in general, as opposed to translating. How's your camper van business goin? Would love to see Mexico again at some point.


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