SmartFrench Introduction to French, Vol. 2,BottomRight,0,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgThis is Volume 2 of 2 volumes introducing the French language to the total beginner. In this volume, you will explore the basic vocabulary observed in very common conversations. How did we choose what words you should know first? We interviewed French natives and let them speak about the subject of their choice. We then selected a minute and a half of these conversations and we isolated every word pronounced, classifying them into Basic, primary and secondary vocabulary. In the basic list we put all the words that appear systematically in every conversation. Table, crayon - pencil or avion - airplane would be included in the primary vocabulary list but not in the basic vocabulary list where you will find words like, for, that, what, I, of, in, am, etc... We made an interesting discovery: 65% of all words used by people when they speak are basic words regardless of the theme of the conversation. After you work with these vol.1 and Vol.2, you will know 65% of every conversation you will happen to hear or be a part of. You will be ready to go further and work on real dialogs. Volume 1 is about numbers and conjugations and volume 2 supposes that you know of them. Review received from the CD: "The teacher on the CD is really gifted. He speaks at a perfect speed, or tempo, his voice is easy to listen to, and he's SMART! It's literally like taking a French class without having to go to school. He gives you tips, clues, and ideas on how to remember things. You get the sense that he truly wants to help you become proficient in speaking French. Have you felt like giving up on learning French? Try this program and you'll get excited about it again. Have a Francophile in your life? This would be the PERFECT GIFT for them." -Gwendolyn Soper, Park City, UT, author

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