SmartFrench - Introduction to French, Vol.1,BottomRight,0,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgThis is volume 1 of 2 volumes introducing basic French vocabulary, grammar and conjugation to the very beginner who wants to learn French, in order to prepare him or her to the practice of real life conversations in our "SmartFrench Audio CDs Beginner" product, or our "SmartFrench CDROM - Learn French Like Real French People".

You might want to study both programs simultaneously, on one side, the two volumes to acquire the basics, and on the other side the "SmartFrench Audio CDs Beginner" or the CDROM to tune your ear and learn to listen to the French language the way it is really spoken.

This volume 1 contains the alphabet, the numbers and the conjugation of the four verbs the most used in French and in English, with multiple examples. You will learn useful tips to memorize them easily. The volume 2 contains all the basic French vocabulary and basic grammar. It is necessary to go through "Vol.1" before working on the second volume.

The basic vocabulary contained in the second volume represents the words you will find in any real conversations. We have recorded French people conversing naturally for our "SmartFrench Audio CDs Beginner" program (and for our CDROM) and we have analyzed these dialogs. We observed that 65% of all words spoken in any of these conversations were always the same and basic. After listening and practicing with these 2 volumes of "SmartFrench - Introduction to French", you will know 65% of all conversations you will ever have in French or you will happen to listen to.

If your intention is to learn a few sentences to get by when you are in France, this tool is not for you. You should get our "SmartFrench for Travelers" book and/or download it with the audios on the smartfrench website.

Like for all our products, we use our color-coding method to help you with your pronunciation. The way you will speak with SmartFrench is the natural way. You will sound like a French person very early learning French with SmartFrench and you will feel very confident speaking French.

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