English As A Second Language: Learn English Fast and Have Lots of Fun.

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/515iSk3KLML._AA258_PIkin4,BottomRight,-47,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgDo you speak English as a Second Language? Are you looking for ways to improving your English Grammar, English Pronunciation, English Conversation and English Vocabulary skills quickly?

Do You Want to Improve Your English But Think It'll Be Too Boring?

Find Out How To Make It Fun!

The biggest problem that many English language learners face is how to maintain the motivation to keep learning until they succeed. The fact is, many traditional English classes and courses are slow paced and boring, and so many learners quit midway before reaching their goals. These learners avoid talking about learning English and may never want to attempt to improve their English skills again.

Learning English doesn’t have to be scary, boring and slow.

Learning English can be very interesting, fun and fast, if you know how!

This book will show you many ways to improve your English fast while having fun.

You will learn:

7 ways to use Movies   

    To improve your English listening, speaking, reading, and comprehension skills.
    What movies should you watch if you’ve just moved to a new country.
    Recommended movies for the genres that you like, such as: Classical Movies; Romantic Movies; Documentaries about Food and Nutrition,  Nature and Animals, Military and War, Politics and Government, Public Speaking.

4 ways to have Fun with Songs   

    How to use your favorite songs to learn English.
    What songs to use to learn English for different levels: easy, medium and hard.
    How to use songs to learn verb tenses and grammar.
    How to relieve stress, be a better singer and have fun.

4 types of Games that you can play and learn English at the same time

    How to prevent your mind from wandering while learning.
    How to keep learning for hours and hours without feeling bored.
    Which games to play to improve your brain cognition, reflexes, strategic thinking . . . and improve your written and spoken English at the same time.
    Which games to play to improve your vocabulary, remember words better, and improve your pronunciation.

5 ways to use Online Chatting and Blogging

    To improve your relationship with friends, widen your network and build your brand.
    To boost your vocabulary and reading comprehension, as well as your listening and speaking skills.

7 ways to use Reading

    To vastly widen your vocabulary.
    To deepen your comprehension skills.
    To polish your pronunciation.

You will also learn how to:

    Get a free copy of the book Learn English Fast, A Guide to Improving Your English with Accelerated Learning Techniques and Unstoppable Motivation.
    Help your friends to improve their English and be rewarded.

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