Charlie's English Conversation TABLE TALK Basic Everyday English’s English Conversation: TABLE TALK Basic Everyday Conversation was designed specifically as a Kindle Book, to be read with any one of the Kindle Readers. Personally, I prefer the Kindle Fire HD.

It is a series of extended conversations designed to give those beginning to learn how to speak English some practice in many different situations. You can practice these conversations by yourself, or with a partner. If you are an English teacher you can also use this as a text book and practice these conversations with your students and have them practice with each other.

With your Kindle you can download the Language dictionary that gives you the definitions of English words in your language by merely touching the word on your screen. The Kindle Keyboard is the exception as you need to put the cursor at the beginning of the word. That makes it easy to use in any language that the Amazon Kindle supports.

If you need the whole phrase or sentence translated, you can use a translation program such as Google Translate.

To listen to the pronunciation, you simply need to activate your read aloud function. For best results repeat each sentence out loud several times and then review the next day. Always regularly review what you have learned or you will soon forget it.

I hope you enjoy these sample conversations and find them useful.
Sincerely, Charlie 

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