Oberto Airaudi ( Falco): Reborn to Live

http://www.macrolibrarsi.it/data/cop/lightbox/r/reborn-to-live-libro-62143.jpgVadusfadam is not just a strange monk. If what they say is true, he is an alien who has arrived on Earth by means of reincarnation, to trade in, produce and cultivate ideas.

He talks of thought as mercl exchanged between worlds, he tells of great divinities who observe*^* commenting on our steps, he tea­ches...

So what does the time monk Vadusfadam teach us? And then, his way of disappearing from the planet...

Who on earth is this being? A helper, a controller, an Envoy? After'Dying to learn', another fi damental text for understanding our role in the game of life.

  • Libro in lingua inglese
Reborn to Live - Libro

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