How to Bag a Prince (romantic comedy)

How to Bag a Prince (romantic comedy)

Bernie is a crusading young London journalist, determined to right the wrongs of the world and to challenge injustice, with no time to waste on men.

So she sets out to ensnare the heir to the English throne for a career-making expose on the wasteful arrogance of the royals. But when she gets to meet Prince Richard, swigging champagne in an upmarket Kensington club, she's horrified to find that he's not only human, but also handsome and quite good company. More than that, Richard hates his job and the Palace, wants to live a normal life ... and more than anything, he wants her to help him.

Before she realises it, Bernie finds herself caught on the horns of a sickening dilemma: should she choose her prince or her principles? Or will her grasping, selfish boss, the Palace or the paparazzi take the choice away from her? And along the way, can she pass for a royal gardener? And will Richard ever learn to make a decent bloody cup of tea?

Fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lisa Jewell's feisty heroines will love this smart, sassy and royally funny romantic comedy novel from exciting new talent Rosie Michelle. And fans of real life royal princes and their cookie-cutter other halves might stop and wonder 'what if ...?'

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